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Geography of the Roman Empire

Public baths
Port for ancient people traveling to Greece
Race track for chariot racing
English name for an intercontinental sea that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean on the west to Asia on the east, and separates Europe from Africa.
Mountains between Spain and France
Road running through the Forum up to the Capitoline Hill
Backbone of Italy
Port of Rome
Carried water to Rome
Senate House
Volcano on the island of Sicily
Center of government and business
Volcano that destroyed Pompeii
Round arena used for gladiator contests
Second largest of the world's oceans; separates the "Old World" from the "New World"
Hill where the Temple of Jupiter was located
City of Seven Hills
Inland sea located between far-southeastern Europe and the far-western edges of the continent of Asia and the country of Turkey - northeast of the Mediterranean
Roman name for the Mediterranean Sea
Road that connected Rome and Brundisium
River that flows through Rome
European mountain range separating southern from central and western Europe