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Physical Science U1

anything that has mass and occupies space
an indication of how close a measurement is to the correct result
the study of matter and energy and how they interact
the mass of a substance per unit of volume
the force of gravity acting on the mass of an object
a proposed explanation for a scientific problem that itself can be tested by experimentation
to adjust the balance scale to read zero
standard unit for liquid volume in the metric system
standard unit of mass in the metric system
base unit for measuring mass in the metric system
scale markings that denote equal units of measure
space occupied, measured in cubic units
the systematic study and analysis of facts
the degree to which a measurement can be replicated
a quantity in an experiment that remains unchanged or constant
the curved top surface of a liquid column
the study of the structure, properties, and interactions of materials and the changes they undergo
standard unit of length in the metric system
the amount of matter in an object