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Earth Science U1B

the process by which plants give off water vapor
process of intense heat and pressure which changes igneous or sedimentary rock into metamorphic rock
process by which certain bacteria convert ammonium into nitrates
process by which certain bacteria convert nitrates into nitrogen gas
small, extinct land reptile whose fossil remains have been found in western Africa and eastern South America
meaning "all lands"; name of the supercontinent that is theorized to have
something possible; ability to go into action or perform work
process of heat transfer by the circulation or movement of a gas, liquid, or plastic material
process by which living cells produce usable energy from food
ancient, extinct plant species found on the continents of South America, Africa, India, Australia, and Antarctica
two opposing forces in balance or when two opposite processes occur at equal rates
process that breaks down rock through physical and chemical changes
process by which certain bacteria convert organic nitrogen into ammonia and ammonium salts during decomposition
meaning "all seas"; name of the single, large ocean that surrounded Pangaea
the study of energy and its transformations
process by which plants or animals convert nutrients into usable organic compounds, such as proteins
bacteria and fungi that break down dead matter
process by which sediment flows into a reservoir
ability of a solid to flow