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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Unit 1 Education Crossword

If you arrive after the bell you are considered ______
What do you get in college
The first A in Apache
What does the E in ELA stand for?
The E in apache
The standard guideline for what has to be taught in Texas
Helps students with emotional problems
The P in Apache
This person is the "chief" of the sport they teach
Helps you plan for college
The H in apache
Mrs. Bowman is your _______
The standardized exam for all Texas students must pass
What does the LA stand for in ELA?
The second A in Apache
Responsible for special education programs
Who does a teacher teach?
Comes after a bachelors degree
1 + 1= this core subject
If you play a sport you are required to be in _______
You must have a _____ to teach in public schools
Guideline for education
Assists in career search
The study of everyday behavior
The chief of the school
Takes care of you when you're sick at school.
This must be turned in within 3 days
Assists teacher in classroom