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Grade 5: Social Studies Vocabulary

Teacher: Ms. Strasdin
An area of land that has unique features, such as climate, landforms, and natural resources
The people in your family who came before you
Daily conditions: for example, rain, sunshine or snow
The height of land compared to sea level or the ocean surface
A chain of mountains
A French term meaning "runners of the woods"
Swamp or bog formed from the buildup of moss, leaves, and other plants
Soil that stays frozen all year
A word that comes from Chinook jargon and means "to give"
Made up of people from a variety of cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs
Also called buffalo
Dried meat pounded to a paste and mixed with melted fat and berries
People who one parent who was First Nations and one who was French
Someone who studies the way people once lived by looking at their homes, tools, and clothing
Long houses where several related Quendat or Haudenosaunee families lived
A disease that is caused by a lack of vitamin C
A word used by First Nations to refer to Great Spirit