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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Teacher: Ms. Summer Smith
Fossils used to date rocks to a particular time (relative dating) using law of superposition
All living things are made of carbon and sometimes an image is imprinted onto a rock in a thin layer.
When the first mammals, birds, and flowering plants appeared, also known as the age of reptiles
The theory that the continents and oceans continue to change as the crust of Earth moves.
Using law of superposition to date rock.
A popular index fossil which lived during a short period and is used in dating rocks.
Word that means ancient life and occurred shortly after the formation of the oceans on Earth. Plants, fish, lizards, and other reptiles existed during this era.
The theory that organisms have adapted and changed overtime.
This era had ice ages and is known as the age of mammals. We are apart of this era.
Using radioactive elements such as carbon or plutonium to get a more exact date for a rock or organism.
When minerals replace the organism and leave a model of what the organism looked like behind.
When an organism is completely turned to stone.
The largest part of Earth's history that containing 90% of all time when little to no life existed on Earth. Life was solely found in the oceans themselves.
Fossils used to determine how organisms once lived or moved such as foot prints.
The empty space left behind when an organism dies and decays and leaves a hollow imprint into rock.