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What did the Lord cause Joseph to do in Potiphar's House? Genesis 39:3
Who was Joseph's wife?
When Joseph's brothers first see him, they did not recognize him, but what did they do, fulfilling the dream?
When Joseph was going to keep the youngest as a slave, which brother advocated for Benjamin?
Where did Joseph meet his brothers when Jacob asked that he check on them?
What did the Egyptians put in Benjamin's sack when they were returning home?
What did Jacob give Joseph that he didn't give his other sons (no spaces)?
Who was Joseph's ?
In Pharaoh's dream, how many fat cows and how many gaunt cows were there?
Joseph and his brothers were kept alive in the famine by a great __________.
Joseph's first born son was named Manasseh. What does this mean?
Who did Joseph interpret the dream that in 3 days he would be hung?
How much grain did Joseph recommend to Pharaoh to store during the seven good years?
In Joseph's second dream - how many stars were bowing to him?
Who did the travelers sell Joseph to in Egypt?
Which brother did not want to kill Joseph?
How many shekels of silver did they sell Joseph for?
What did Pharaoh rename Joseph when he put him second in command of all Egypt (Gen 41:45)?
Joseph's second born son was named Ephraim. What does this mean?
Who was with Joseph in the jail that caused him to have favor with the chief jailer?
Who did Joseph interpret the dream that in 3 days he would be reinstated into service?
Where was Joseph put after the false charge?
What did Joseph's first dream involve (what was the symbol)?
When Jacob sent his sons to Egypt to buy grain, who did he not send because he was fearful of harm?
Which brother had to stay in Egypt while they returned to get Benjamin?
How many people in Jacob 's family were in Egypt?
After the seven fruitful years in Egypt, what happened?
Who was Joseph's mother?