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Economics Chapter 9

Teacher: Marlatt
Any of the three groupings of workers: agriculture, manufacturing/construction, and service
To choose to do work for no pay
The belief that women were being prevented from rising to a position of leadership in corporations because they were women
A name used to describe office workers and professionals
The point at which the quantity of labor demanded is equal to the quantity of labor supplied
A service job that involves the processing of information by computer
A law that outlaws discrimination against persons with physical or mental handicaps
The money a worker gets in exchange for labor
The name of President Roosevelt's program for getting the US out of the depression
People who work for pay or are looking for work
Reformers in the 1900s who tried to improve the lives of working people
Having a physical or mental handicap
A US government agency that protects workers by setting and enforcing health and safety standards
A type of worker who works in a job that requires very little training
Knowledge and skill gained from being on the job
A period of economic hard times
A person who belongs to a smaller group of people within a larger group
A type of worker who works in a job that requires some training but not as much training as a skilled worker
A name used to describe unskilled or semiskilled workers
A tupe of worker who has a college degree and special training
A group that makes sure workers are treated fairly
A process in the 1960s in which Africa-American students were allowed to attend schools with white students
The separation of people of different races
Anything extra provided to workers besides wages, such as paid vacations, retirement plans, and medical insurance
Past the working age