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Spelling Lesson 4

Teacher: T. Sanchez
Take for granted without proof
A meeting of persons face to face to talk over something special
Dress belonging to another time or place
Country extending from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada
Save from danger, capture, or capture
Distinctive clothes worn by members of a group when on duty
The whole of existing things
One of the northeastern states that is so nice, it was named twice
Study again; looking back on
The real worth
Slightly wet; moist; damp
Way of thinking, acting, or feeling
An advance showing of a motion picture, play, or television program
Attitude of mind
Without a doubt; certainly
Keep up; go on
Make less; make smaller; decrease
Begin again; get again
An underground pipe or channel for carrying off waste water.
A social gathering of persons who have been separated or who have interests in common.