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Trees of Skeleton Park

Leaves that are generally egg-shaped, with the broader portion towards the base.
This tree produces a toxic isomer called juglone in its roots, leaves, husks, and bark (2 words)
A small group of trees
The oak is the sacred tree of this Norse god
Another name for the juneberry/saskatoonberry tree
Smaller leaf units which form a compound leaf
This deciduous conifer is not native to Canada
The distinctive fruit of the maple tree; also known as samaras
This shade tree’s name is derived from the greek terms sukon ‘fig’ and moron ‘mulberry
a member of the group of trees called 'pecan hickories', which produces inedible nuts
Leaf margins with continuous, sharp, forward-pointing teeth, like the blade of a ripsaw
A tree which sheds its leaves annually
This locust tree is rare in Canada, occurring only in extreme southwestern Ontario
A variety of maple tree
This native tree species shares a name with a cafe on Charles St.