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Trees of Skeleton Park

The fruit of the oak tree, a smooth oval nut in a rough cup-shaped base
This tree's latin name is juglans nigra. Its fruits are commonly eaten as a nut (2 words)
Another name for the juneberry/saskatoonberry tree (2 words)
This hickory tree produces bitter, inedible nuts (2 words)
Leaves that are generally egg-shaped, with the broader portion towards the base.
Smaller leaf units which form a compound leaf
The oak is the sacred tree of this Norse god
This deciduous conifer is not native to Canada
The main body of the tree
This tree’s name is derived from the greek term sukomoros, from sukon ‘fig’ + moron ‘mulberry’
This native tree species shares a name with a cafe on Charles St.
A tree which sheds its leaves annually
Leaf margins with continuous, sharp, forward-pointing teeth, like the blade of a ripsaw
A small group of trees
The distinctive fruit of the maple tree; also known as samaras
A variety of maple tree