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Geometry Vocabulary

Teacher: Julie Blosser
An angle whose measure is greater than 90 degrees
Angles are measured in these units
Angles formed by intersecting lines that are opposite and congruent
A flat surface that extends without end
Formed by two rays intersecting at a common endpoint
Has two endpoints
Two angles that have a sum of exactly 90 degrees
Lines that meet at a point
A tool used to measure and construct angles
Location in space, represented with dot, and labeled with a letter
Extends without end in two opposite directions
A math teacher with blonde hair
An angle whose measure is less than 90 degrees
The endpoint of an angle
Lines that never meet
An angle whose measure is exactly 180 degrees
Angles that have a sum of exactly 180 degrees
Has one endpoint and extends without end in one direction
An angle whose measure is 90 degrees
A new math teacher this year