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LOTM ch 1-6 Vocab

The majority of the people in some third world countries live in __poverty.
He __ himself from a dangerous situation just in time.
He __ a lie about his rival in the political race and paid the consequences with a lowered approval rating.
The __ of his face are odd because his nose has been broken three times!
Many choose to obtain their medical school training in a foreign country to___being wait-listed for acceptance in a US school.
They decided to delay their __ until they reached the summit of the mountain.
A slight change in the DNA of the virus ___the effects of the widespread infection.
When I asked my sister for help, she __ answered, "No! Leave me alone!"
He has an __reputation because he is truthful and careful about his actions.
Her__ is unusual for her age.
The preview of the movie __ my interest, and I think I will go see it.