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2.2 Animal Science Vocabulary

A division of the plant or animal Kingdom below phylum but above Order.
The science of classification of organisms and other objects and their arrangement into systematic groups.
Any system of persons or things ranked one above another.
The lowest division in taxonomy. When naming life forms, Latin is used; each kind of plant or animal identified by genus and species.
A key for identification of organisms based on a series of choices between alternative characteristics.
A division of the classification system below Order but above Genus.
A division of the classification system below Class but above Family.
A group of species of plants or animals believed to have descended from a common direct ancestor that are similar enough to constitute a useful unit at this level of taxonomy.
The forming, sorting, apportioning, grouping, or dividing of objects into classes to form an ordered arrangement of items having a defined range of characteristics.
The highest grouping in the classification system (taxonomy), based on assumed common ancestry.
A variety of plant cultivated for their distinguished and significant characteristics or features when reproduced.
One of the five major areas where all life forms are classified.
Animals having a common origin and distinguishing characteristics.