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NA Class week 3 vocab (0919)

_______ devices help a person to be independent in an ADL activity
Sudden severe confusion
Process by which nutrients pass from small intestine into circulatory system for body to use
How many oz equal 120 mls (write out the word)
Pain in a missing body part
Making promises "to God" when one is dying
An unconscious reaction that blocks an unleasant feeling (2 words with space)
Type of isolation that you would wear a mask, gown, gloves
Disorientation in the afternoon and evening
Sit on the side of the bed
Seeing hearing, feeling, or smelling something that is not there
Answer to 10 down also prevents foot ____
Progressive disease, most common type of permanent dementia
Bending a body part
Placed at foot of bed to keep feet in proper alignment (2 words with space)
Straightening of a body part
Loss of cognitive function, that interferes with personal and social activities caused by changes in the brain
___ pillow placed between legs to keep them from crossing