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Civil War Crossword

Teacher: Skelly
The bloodiest single day of combat in American History was the battle of________. (used by the Confederates)
The Northern States _______ the Civil War.
The Miniball was an new advanced __________ during the Civil War, which caused many deaths.
The Amendment that freed all slaves.
When President Lincoln ran for president, he promised his first priority was to ________ the Union.
The Emancipation Proclamation was released the war’s purpose was no longer to reunite the Union, but to end_________.
The President during the Civil War.
The Confederates were soldiers from the ________.
9.The North had twice as much ___________ tracks as the South, which gave them an advantage.
President Lincoln gave command of all Union forces to this man, General ________.
Southern states were hoping to receive help from ________ until the Emancipation Proclamation was released.
The author’s last name who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which influenced public opinion during the war.
The man’s last name that assassinated President Lincoln after the Civil War had ended.
The Total War is also known as __________ March to the Sea.
8. The battle that was considered to be the turning point of the Civil War.
The General and Chief of the Armies of the Confederates States.
The first major battle of the Civil War. (used by the Union)
The Confederates had a major advantage because they had lots of previous __________ officers fighting for them.
7.Feeling persecuted by the North,_______ by voting to separate from the Union.
During the Civil War, The United States was also known as the _________.