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Are experts at changing
A ______ is made as to whether a hypothesis is true or false.
The Scientific _____ is one of inquiry, experimentation and willingness to admit error.
A ____is a close agreement by competent observers who make a series of observations about the same phenomenon.
Is a question about an event which occurs in nature.
Is a body of knowledge.
Use measuring tools such as instruments take make these types of observations.
The language of science is ______
The use of scientific knowledge for practical purposes and to provide tools for further exploration.
The ______ method is used for problem solving.
Is an example of a physical science.
Are guides to thinking.
Use our senses to make this type of observation.
Relate to how much you know about something.
A conclusion with extensive experimental support.
Are performed to test hypotheses.
Is an educated guess.
A statement that summarizes experimental facts where behavior is consistent and has no know exceptions
The central science.
Is an example of a natural science.