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Origins of WWII

Read "WWII Part One:  Origins of the War" from NEWSELA and complete this crossword puzzle!
Lightning war
Millions of Soviet citizens who died during their "Great Patriotic War"
Four out of five German soldiers died fighting this army
Incorporated into Nazi Germany in 1938, along with Czechoslovakia
The cruel and cunning dictator of the Soviet Union
Incorporated into Nazi Germany 1938
Area of Europe west of Germany
In 1941, Hitler invaded
United Kingdom, France, USSR, U.S.
Treaty that ended WWI and failed to keep peace
Nazi Germany
September 3, Great Britian and this ally declare war on Germany
By the end of June 1940, all of this western continent was under Nazi control
Hitler's only remaining foe that refused to give in
Nazi Germany, Japan, Italy
Japanese invasion, 1931
57 million
September 1, 1939, Hitler sends armies here, launching WWII
Specialized German tanks used to smash holes in enemy lines
Hitler believed the German people were