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The forced removal of Jews in Nazi occupied areas to concentration camps
Religious group who did not believe in the Christian doctrine or the coming of Christ
Racial term used by the Nazis to describe a " race " they believed to be superior
Place where political prisoners are kept
Organized the smuggling of explosive powder in Auschwitz
Symbol of the Nazi party
Hitler's party who took control of Germany through the holocaust
Leader of the White Rose
Those who stood by and did nothing to help the populations persecuted by the German Nazi party.
Inner areas of cities closed off for the isolation of the Jewish populations by the Nazis
Victim of the holocaust who lost his family yet survived Auschwitz. Author of Night. ( FIRST NAME )
Reich interior minister for health ( LAST NAME )
Discrimination or persecution of Jews
Member of Nazi party who saved 1100 Jews by buying them to work in his factories
Nazi term for the annihilation of Jews in Europe
The freeing of those in the camps by Allied troops once German forces were defeated.
Abbreviation for Geheime Staatspolizei ( Secret State Police )
Nazi centers of murder & extermination
Yellow cloth star of david
Those who acted out the violent and persecuting acts ordered by Hitler and the Nazi party
Leader of the Nazi party and Reich chancellor of 3rd Reich in 1933J1945. ( FIRST NAME )
Helped hide Anne Frank and her family in Holland ( FIRST NAME )
Many considered undesirable by the Nazi regime, stripped of their rights, property, and lives during the holocaust
Young girl whose journal helped educate the world on her experiences ( FIRST NAME ONLY)