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Nature of Science - Unit 1


Cm is the abbreviation for this unit
The group that is left in its normal state and is not changed
Results from the division and enlargement of cells
The passing on of genetic information (DNA) to offspring
The variable that you change in the experiment
The group in which one of the independent variables is altered
Maintaining a stable internal balance despite external environment
An explanation of what you think will occur in an experiment
The base unit for volume in the metric system
The variable that responds to the variable that was manipulated. This variable is measured.
Kg is the abbreviation for this unit
Summary of what was learned in an experiment and supported by data
Populations change over time
The base unit for length in the metric system
Data that is reported with descriptions
Data that can be measured, reported with numeric values
HL is the abbreviation for this unit.
A well-substantiated explanation of the natural world, using facts
The base unit for mass in the metric system
A descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves