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WWII and the Origins of the Cold War

Teacher: Smithrud
This German operation went wrong as the Germans could not handle the harsh Russian winter
U.S. program to design the atomic bomb
The U.S. president after FDR dies
U.S. forces bring aid to Berlin occupied by the Soviet Union
The place of General Montgomery's first victory
An agency of the U.S government that supervised war production during WWII
The U.S. forced Japanese residents into these camps during WWII
Leader of the British Eighth Army in North Africa during WWII
Only president to be elected to a fourth term
Leader of the Soviet Union
Took over the men's jobs after they left for war to support the war effort
American theoretical physicist, who developed the atomic bomb
Military parachutists first sent into France to defend the roads and bridges
Japanese suicidal plane attacks
U.S, Great Britain, France, and the U.S.S.R
First Japanese city to be bombed with an atomic bomb
This conference discussed Europe's post-war reorganization
Meaning of D in D-day
A German attack which was one of the largest and bloodiest battle the U.S. fought during WWII
U.S. program to aid Europe. The U.S. the gave $13 billion to help European economies after WWII
A military alliance made after WWII
Leader of the Third Army in Paris, who helped liberate the French capitol
Controlled consumption of resources, goods, or services
Allies went ashore a Japanese airbase unopposed to later encounter thousands of Japanese troops
General in command of Allied forces on the Philippine islands
After U.S. soldiers came back from war, the U.S. granted them these to adjust to non-combat life.
Supreme Allied commander and a U.S. president
This Allied operation on Japan focused on blocking communication and supply lines
These trials determined the Germans' punishments and convicted them with war crimes
These African American airmen flew and maintained combat aircraft
Germany, Italy, and Japan
The second Japanese city to be bombed by an atomic bomb
Victory in Europe day