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Animal and Plant Cells

A type of tissue.
Make protein molecules.
Absorbs energy in sunlight.
Genetic material within the nucleus.
The network of protein filaments that give shape and support to cells.
Instructions for all cell processes.
The color of chloroplasts.
The tissues of various kinds are grouped together to form this.
Stores water and helps give shape to the cell.
Packing of protein and other cell products.
A group of cells that work together.
Tiny organs.
Control center of the cell.
When two atoms combine.
The fluid inside the cell membrane but outside the nucleus.
He observed living cells under microscope.
Outer boundary of certain materials to move in and out.
Network of channels within the cytoplasm.
Powerhouse of the cell.
A type of organ system.
Provide support and structure within the plant cells.
The process of which cells use sunlight.
Organs work together to form this.
Basic unit of structure in all organisms.
Has a cell wall.
A cell wall is composed of this.
He first stated cell theory.
Contain cholorphyll.
Break down damaged organelles.
Store food, water and waste.