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Today's Crossword Puzzle

Teacher: PurpleDanny
A tournament between two knights on horseback combat using lances
Famous epic poem about medieval germany
Person who makes a grant of land to another person
A fee charged to cross a lords territory
The estate from which a lords family gained its lively hood
Medieval scientists who attempted to change worthless metals into gold
The basic item for much of medieval trade
Location of the headquarters of the catholic church
Women who lived in convents and devoted their lives to prayer
Deep, Wide Water filled trench around a castle
Armored warriors who fought on horseback
Medieval style of architecture, similar to buildings in ancient rome
A person who, after completing an apprenticeship, works at a craft for wages under supervision of a master
Wandering poets who entertained at feudal castles
An association of people who work at the same occupation
Skilled workers who made goods by hand
Short humorous poems that mocked nobles, the clergy, and townspeople during the middle ages
English king who was defeated at battle of Hastings in 1066
Peasants who were bound to a manor
The practice of lending money for interest
Men who lived in monestarys and devoted their lives to prayer
Person who is learning a trade or craft from a master and works without pay except for room and board
Tallest church in Christendom, 1163
The piece of land given to a vassal by a lord
Bishop of Rome, head of roman catholic church
_____ Polo
A person whose ideas are incorrect in the eyes of the church
The buying and selling of church offices