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Plant and Animal Cells Crossword Puzzle

by Harper Frye
A bean shaped organelle that supplies energy to the cell; where cellular respiration takes place
Organelle that packages and distributes proteins
The process by which cells get energy by breaking down food
An organism whose cell(s) contain a nucleus; exist as both unicellular or multi-cellular organisms
A digestive organelle in eukaryotic cells which breaks down worn-out or damaged organelles, waste materials, and foreign substances
The portion of the ER that lacks ribosomes and makes lipids and breaks down toxic materials
A rigid structure that surrounds the cell membrane and provides support and structure to the cell
Part of the cell that contains the genetic material
A double layer of phospholipids that acts as a barrier between the inside of a cell and the cell's environment
An organism whose cell(s) lacks a nucleus
An organelle found in plants and algae where photosynthesis occurs
Genetic material that contains information needed for cell processes
The organelle that makes proteins by assembling chains of amino acids via instructions from DNA
The contents of a cell between the plasma membrane and the nucleus; consists of a semi-fluid medium and organelles
The portion of the ER with ribosomes attached that make many of the cell's proteins
A fluid filled vesicle found in animal, plant and fungal cells that functions to hold materials and wastes