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Culture 3.1-3.2

Veronica Strykowski 
Gestures, signs, objects, words or signals.
A group that communicates within a territory, region or place of civilization.
The work of International help agencies who show modern technologies, agricultural methods and also plant different international species.
Human society or behaviour that is determines by mechanisms genetics, instinctual.
Beliefs and behaviours a group shares.
invisible or visible rules of conduct.
The strongest type of norm.
Ways of thinking, ways of being, ways of orientating oneself on earth.
Norms based on social preferences.
A standard for desirable states in society.
A set of established rules or behaviours that have been decided on.
Norm that is a moral belief or view of a group.
A theory that people experience life through language.
The practice of evaluating a culture by it's own rules rather than viewing the lens of somebody's personal culture choice.
Are patterns or traits that are globally common to all societies.
Knowledge beliefs or forms of communication in a society.
Evaluating and judging another culture based on how it compares to ones own norms.
A view where male opinion matter more than women's.
Casual behaviours that are extremely conformed.
A symbolic system where culture is passed through communication.
The tenets or invasions that people hold to be true in their minds.