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Chapter 2 Vocab

the tendency to negatively interpret the behavior of people for whom you’ve formed negative Gestalts
an established, coherent set of beliefs, attitudes, values, and practices shared by a large group of people
Assigning meaning to information selected
Beliefs if empathy can be controlled or developed
Predictions you make about interactions that cause you to interact in a specific manner
Ability to view self as unique
Idea that you make relationships based on the support of your self-concept
Male or female attributes
Convictions that certain things are true
Selecting, organizing, interpreting information from senses
Comparing the meaning of others behaviors to your own
Categorizing people based on what you have heard related to the group previously
Explanations of why things are happening the way they are
kind of self-awareness that focuses on evaluating and improving your communication
the tendency to make external attributions regarding your own behaviors
General perception of a person that is positive or negative
Overall view of who you are
tendency to take credit for the success by making an internal attribution
Value assigned to self
Positive self you want others to see