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The Real World; Sixth Edition
Chapters 1 & 2
Herbert Spencers social philosophy is called Social _____.
_____ Theory; the dismantling of the hierarchy of power.
Micro level analysis studies at a _______ scale.
Comte's "social physics" theory.
Macro level analysis studies at a _______ scale.
_____ analysis is data collected by other researchers.
1 of 4 major sociological perspectives.
A research design requiring numerical data.
Unobtrusive research relies on ______ sources.
The Father of Modern Sociology
Questions and measurement tools must be consistent to maintain this.
A state of normlessness and confusion during vapid societal change.
This research method allows respondents to speak in their own words.
Studying people within their own environments; a naturalistic method.
_____ correlation : a change in both variables in the same direction.
Rationality and the Protestant Ethic.
The analysis of a single event, situation, or individual.
The worker.
Crucial step in the scientific method: Formulate a _____.
A questionnaire administered to a sample of respondents.
1 of 2 variables, this one is manipulated.
Theory derived from the teachings of George H. Mead.
2 of 2 variables, this one is affected by the other variable.
The relationship between two phenomena.
Fieldwork is a _____ method of research.
The owners of production.
Belief system.
She founded Hull House in Chicago.
W.E.B. Dubois was the first AA to receive a ____ from Harvard