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Byzantine Vocabulary Words

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Church leaders
The head of the Eastern Orthodox Church, originally appointed by the Byzantine emperor
Regular church members
The worship of religious images
The head of a convent
Practice of living the life of a monk
In the Roman Empire, an official in charge of a province
A rapid increase in prices
A man who separates himself from ordinary human society in order to dedicate himself to God; monks lived in monasteries headed by abbots
"Money for a man"; the value of a person in money, depending on social status; in Germanic society, a fine paid by a wrongdoer to the family of the person he/she had injured or killed
An epidemic disease
A group of Christian communities, or parishes, under the authority of a bishop
A person sent out to carry a religious message
A means of determining guilt in Germanic law, based on the idea of divine intervention; if the accused person was unharmed after a physical trial, he/she was presumed innocent
Pictures of religious images
A woman who separates herself from ordinary human society in order to dedicate herself to God; nuns live in convents headed by abbesses