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Science Crossword

A horizontal row of elements in the periodic table
The most power supplies positively charged electrode
A homogeneous mixture of two or more pure substances
A substance that dissolves a solute to form a solution
Metallurgy the process of alerting the properties of a pure metal without using a chemical change
A vertical column of elements in the periodic table
The science and technology of obtaining metals and making them useful
The tendency of an element to enter into chemical reactions
A positively charged particle forming part of the nucleus of an atom
The amount of mass in a certain unit volume of a substance
The central part of an atom
A natural pure inorganic substance with a particular chemical composition
A homogeneous mixture of a metal with one or more metals or non metals
A process that increases the hardness and toughness of metal
The smallest independent unit of a pure substance generally a cluster of atoms bonded together
The process of melting ore to obtain the metal from it
All the water that occurs at earth's surface
A particle carrying no electric charge and forming parts of a nucleus and of an atom
A gaseous envelope surrounding the planet
The smallest unit of matter that can take part of a chemical and change