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Life Science Vocabulary Review (1-1 thru 1-5)

Basic unit of structure and function in living things
Inactive state of some animals during winter months
Reaction to a change
Process of getting rid of wastes
Study of or working in only one part of a subject
Study of plants
Change that causes a response
Process by which a cell releases energy from sugar molecules
Process of taking in food
Organism that cannot make its own food
Organism that can make its own food
Chemical substance that is needed to carry out life processes
Process of breaking down food so that it can be used by living things
Study of the environment
Study of animals
Process of keeping conditions inside a body constant, no matter the conditions outside the body
Quality or property that defined or classifies something
Way in which living things respond to stimuli
Seasonal movement of animals from one place to another and back
Study of small living things
Something produced in additin to the main product
Any living thing
Process of moving nutrients and wastes in a living thing