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Biology and Psychology crossword puzzle

Published " The Descent of Man" in 1871
Regulates sleep and attention in coordination with other brain structures.
Specialized cells of the nervous system that conduct impulses.
Extends like a trunk from the cell body.
Physical and personality traits (heredity)
Lies in frontal lobe (motor area)
Building blocks of heredity.
Near the bottom of the limbic system. (looks like two almonds)
Storage of nutrients and regulates body temperature.
" information superhighway"
Lies below the hypothalamus
Genes are segments.( Body contains 46)
Transmits information about body movement.
Natural variations from individual to individual.
How were you brought up? (environmental influences)
Responsible for thinking and language.
Regulates heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration.
Takes a form of a double helix.