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Plant vs Animal Cell Crossword

Surrounds the cell; controls what goes in and out of the cell.(found in both plant and animal cells)
Control center of the cell; gives instructions to the cell.
What general shape are most animal cells?
Network of channels within the cytoplasm that moves materials from place to place within the cell.
Packs proteins and other cell products to ship out of the cell.
What general shape are most plant cells?
Contains chlorophyll; only found in plant cells
Stores food, water, or waste.
Very big vacuole found in plant cells that stores food, water and waste
Makes protein molecules; within the channels of the endoplasmic reticulum.
What rigid structure surrounds the cell membrane?(only found in plant cells)
Thick fluid material that fills the cell and contains all of the organelles.
Found inside the nucleus, these always come in pairs and they contain the DNA.
This is the Powerhouse of the cell and it provides energy.