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Plants And Animals Cell Crossword Project

Controls what goes in and out of the cell.
Series of tubes throughout the cell; transports proteins and other items throughout the cell.
Inside the nucleus; contains DNA and comes in pairs...
Only found in plant cells; contains chlorophyll, which can help the cell with photosynthesis.
Only found in plant cells; extra protection to the cell. That's all you need to know...
"Powerhouse" of the cell.
The center of the cell; gives out instructions to the cell; Control center.
The storage unit in plant cells...
Part of cell that creates protein; can be found in the cytoplasm or attached to the ER.
The storage unit in animal cells; Stores food, waste, and water.
Cell dumpster; contains enzymes, and can break down large molecules and eat dead cells.
Packages proteins and ships them throughout the cell.