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Texas History Ch 5-6 Vocabulary

Person of Mexican heritage who considers Texas home
Spanish word for Texas
A privately owned ship outfitted with weapons
A fort or military outpost
An official who rules in the name of a king or queen
A religious settlement
A Spanish soldier-explorer who sought personal riches and power and also wealth and glory for Spain
A small unit of a force
To find a way to pass over or along a body of water
A disagreement of ideas, interests or forces
To lead or direct
To inhabit or live in
Person of mixed Spanish and Native American heritage
Gain control of
A Catholic priest who belongs to a religious order
To remain alive despite difficulties
To end
A crude fort of logs
To be flexible in the way rules are applied
A district of a colony or country - similar to a state
A human-made waterway
To act upon or to influence
A group of advisers