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Georgia History

This region is know for its flat lands and swamps.
The capital of Georgia.
This line separates the Coastal Plains region from the Piedmont region.
Indigenous people of the United States.
The most populated region in Georgia.
A form of water power used by Indians.
The smallest region in Georgia.
Spanish spread this religion, _____.
The highest point in Georgia.
This region lies between the Blue Ridge region and Appalachian Plateau region.
These were set up all around the coast line to spread Christianity?
The largest swamp in Georgia.
This river runs along the boarded between Georgia and South Carolina.
Another term for corn is ______?
The region with the most rainfall per year. (80 inches)
Florida was claimed by the ___?
This is where Desoto first landed in the "New world".
These islands protect the coast line of Georgia.
The last major prehistoric Native American culture in Georgia.
Who was the first European explorer in Georgia?