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Judaism: Religions of the World

Mrs. Dziadulewicz - Comparative Religions

Earliest Rabbinic literature; applies sacred scripture teachings to everyday Jewish life
Expected One who will free and elevate Jewish people to new levels of devotion in practicing God's Law
Respected teacher and leader of worship associated with a synagogue or congregation
Reference to Jews living outside of Israel
Judaism was the first religion to practice this - belief in one god
Around 520 BCE the Israelites returned to Jerusalem and built this
Very specific dietary laws which restrict foods and methods of animal slaughter
Necessary quorum of at least 10 men needed for rabbi to conduct full religious services
Central place for worship and fellowship for Jewish communities; customs, religious practices and faith are preserved
First to embrace the concept of one god and considered to be the father of the Jewish people
Religious rite of passage for 13 year old girls who become fully responsible in the eyes of God
Political and religious movement to re-establish a Jewish state in the historic Land of Israel
One of the major texts of Judaism, it contains 3,000,000 which teach codes of behavior
The weekly holiday which is celebrated sundown Friday through sundown Saturday
Persian king who conquered Babylonia and allowed the Jews to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple
First five books of the Hebrew Bible which represent Mosaic Law and moral codes