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Memorial Day in May

Author: Salsa
Death ceremonies. Memorial Day is known both 4 __ & fun
Lunch. Soldiers eat a basic __
Abroad. Soldiers R sent __
Egyptian shape of Washington monument
Combat. My sin nature is @ __ with my spirit
Hammered. Jesus was __ 2 the cross 4 my sins
Endless afterlife. Ask Jesus 2 4give yours sins B4 U die or spend __ in hell
Member of elite Navy team
Wiggle room. Relax by allowing 4 some __ in your holiday plans
Chewed. __ grilled veggies
Rob. Death leaves a heartache no 1 can heal, love leaves a memory no 1 can __. Headstone
C 28 Across
Sporting. Compete in an __ event
Recollection. __ is a way of holding on 2 people, pets & places U love
Lads. The military turns mama __ into men
Independence Monument (ab)
Recall happy memories
Distress signal
Permit. Do not __ yourself be disturbed. -Jesus
Los Angeles (ab)
Maiden. Rescue a __ in distress
Surrender. Do not __ any turf 2 your mortal enemy, Satan
Body shield. Ephesians 6 describes my spiritual __
Black or green salty pizza topping
Long 4. We __ 2 C our loved 1's again
Wage. Soldiers don't get a big __ check
Blooming plants. Place __ @ graves
Snakelike fish
Assault. Troops __ & attack
Ergo, there4
Who can count on God 4 grief relief?
Emergency Room (ab)
Contents of cremation urn
Hawaiian floral garland
Employable. Only soldiers who obey R __ in God's army
Contend. Fight __ 4 the Truth
Club. Baseball __
B4 in poetry
Airborne toys w/tails
Caustic soaplike alkaline
End of life. Memorial Day's oxymoron: it's a __ holiday
Our planet. __ is as close as Christians will get 2 hell & atheists will get 2 heaven
Giant green & red picnic fruit
Grave. Jesus' __ was empty, so the dead in Christ R in Paradise!
Fighting force. I'm in the Lord's __
Graveyard. Visiting a __ puts life in perspective
Long periods of time
House 4 bones
Lawns. Play croquet on __
Osama bin Laden's religion
Slumber. All who __ in graves will rise 2 Paradise or damnation. John 5:28
Perform. 2 B happy, __ the Bible, don't just read it
Roman #105
Mine. Soldiers risk their lives 4 __ safety
Not out. Ask Jesus 4 4giveness 2 get __ heaven