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Newsela - Inventors & Scientists - Sir Isaac Newton

First explained that objects wanted to move in a straight line unless changed by forces. Newton later expanded this.
This illness caused the university to close while Newton was a student.
The university Newton attended.
The abbey Newton was buried in - 1727.
Newton figured out this concept before the age of 24.
Newton noticed this fruit fall and started thinking about a universal force.
Newton invented this form of math.
The type of things Newton wanted to understand more about their motion.
Newton used these in his rebuild of the telescope.
The language Newton wrote his most important book in.
His mother was the opposite of this - this word will mean you can read and interpret well.
Newton's mother wanted him to be this and pulled him out of school at 15.
How Newton arrived in the world due to an early birth.
Composed of all colors.
Newton was granted this honor by Queen Anne.
Newton started school there at 11 years of age.
A universal property of all bodies.
Galileo used these in his original invention of the telescope.
When Newton returned to Cambridge after the plague - he was one of these.
German also given credit for making calculus understandable.