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A physical change that occurs when matter changes to another state
A characteristic of an organism that increases its chance of survival
The process of changing from a gas to liquid, the act of making more dense
A change of energy from one form to another
A reaction or change in a substance produced by a chemical means that result in producing a different chemical
All the population of organisms belonging to different species and sharing the geographical area.
The imaginary line on which an object rotates.
A star pattern identified and named as a definite group, usually making certain shapes or figures
A quantity that describes the capacity to do work: a source of usable power
Layering matter in a natural process
The layers of gas that surround Earth, other planets or stars
An imaginary circle around the Earth's surface located between the poles and a place perpendicular to its axis of rotation that divides in into the Northern and Southern Hemisphere
The shaking of the ground caused by a sudden release o energy in Earths crust.
The sum of conditions affecting an organism, including all living and nonliving things
An organism that feeds on other organisms for food
An animal or plant that consumes or obtains nutrients from animals
Controlled use and/or maintenance of natural resources, various efforts to preserve or protect natural resources
A pyramid diagram that compare the amount of energy available at each position, or level, in the feeding order
Concentration of matter of an object, number of individuals in the same species that live in a given area.
An organism that feeds on other organisms for food
An integrated unit of a biological community, its physical environment, and interactions
The smallest unit of a chemical element that can still retain the properties of that element
A substance made up of a combination of two or more elements held together by chemical bonds that cannot be separated by physical means
A substance that cannot be reduced to a simpler substance by chemical means