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Education in the Middle Ages

The ______ established parish, chantry, monastic, and cathedral schools.
A religious superior was in charge of the community of nuns. They were called an _______ or prioress.
Medieval university educators constructed ______________.
Chantry schools were funded by _____________ from wealthy patrons.
Scholastics used _________.
Women attended ________ schools.
The Medieval period formed a bridge between Greco-Roman classical and _______ education
St. Augustine argued that the literature, when illuminated by ____, could aid human understanding.
Cathedral schools offered the liberal arts and the doctrinal and liturgical studies needed by those preparing to be ______.
Teachers need to be contemplative and reflective scholars, expert in their subjects, active and skilled instructors, and lovers of ___________.
______________ was the most important Frankish king.
Medieval educators recorded, preserved, and transmitted knowledge by presenting it in a scholastic __________ based on the christian religion and Aristotle's philosophy.
Charlemagne engaged _________ to head his palace school at Aachen.