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7th grade P.E. TEST

Teacher: MRS. YOUNG
What might one do to improve cardiovascular endurance?
THE 1st T in FITT principle stands for__________
When participating with others, you are honest and fair.
Body__________ is muscle, bone, and fat.
Aerobic exercise is low to ________ exercise done for longer than 20 minutes.
The 2nd T in FITT stands for _______
Self________ is competition judged by players.
Physical _______ provides you with challenges, social interaction, and opportunity for self expression.
Affects your health and wellness by preventing disease, and improving endurance and performance.
The _____amount of time per day you should spend doing moderate to vigorous exercise.
If two students are ________, help them work it out in a fair way.
Muscular _______ is how long your muscles LAST.
Anaerobic exercise is HIGH _________exercise done for short periods of time.
Self _________ is when you share your personality and feelings.
The F in FITT PRINCIPLE stands for__________
Stomach area is responsible for core strength, and is also called ____________.
_______ judged by players is self-officiate.
Energy from food
Muscular ________ is how much you can lift,
_______ fitness is the ability to handle physical work.
Help those with _______experience learn and succeed by playing fair with people with diverse backgrounds.