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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Fourth Grade 3

_________ and Rescue
Sudden and extreme fear
To make a stretch, as with a hand or arm
Opposite of loud
Past tense of mean
If you are late you do this
A war hero will receive this
Where cooking is done
Father's Father
To go and stay with someone for a short time
To let out one's breath audibly, expressing an emotion
Trains run on this
"Practice makes ________"
They swing through trees
Past of obey
Ten less than one hundred
They hunt criminals and keep the peace
When you have a child you become a _________
A strong metal
Father's Brother
To assume something
Five cent coins used to be made of this
Wive's counterpart
When the weather gets cold you put this on to go outside
Where your teeth are located
To collect or accumulate
Long time spent by oneself makes someone __________
Opposite of harden
One more than fifth
Opposite of dull
Past tense of hear
What comes before an answer
"_______ you like it or not"
Not square
Use this to write something that can be erased
Myself and ________
If you stay out past curfew you parents will be __________
If your sick you go to a ___________
When someone is talking you should _________
A very short period of time
What you write on
How to say a man is pretty
One the other hand
You dry yourself with this
Where cooking happens
If you buy something that doesn't fit you should _________ it
Subjects do this in front of their King
Sixty minutes