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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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Minnesota in the Modern World

Teacher: Mrs. Biever
3M's first successful product.
_________ made it possible for the Johnsons to expand their dairy operation.
Joe Johnson's dairy farm is located in this town.
The process of bringing together economies and societies of the world.
The Mall of America is located in this city.
He was a chemical engineer that specialized in making new products for 3M.
Ethonal is used as fuel in vehicles and comes from this crop. (see page 432)
What city is 3M located?
To send or transport out of the country.
This company introduced the ipad to the public in 2010.
This company is the world leader in medical devices.
Minnesota farmers raise more of these than any other state .
The Minnesota professional baseball team name.
3M stands for Minnesota Mining and ______________
This interactive tool was invented in 1991 and is used in many classrooms.
The brand name given for the 3M sticky-note product.
One of the most famous manufactured good by 3M.
The use of science to solve practical problems.
He invented the first battery-powered heart pacemaker.