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Economics crossword

What did David tell Tara to get.
A stock market doing well.
Involve a greater risk that bonds.
The value printed/depicted on a banknote.
The more companies you invest in, the less impact each individual bond has if the company goes bankrupt.
Rate bonds.
Includes performance history, fees and charges.
Someone who buys/sells stock.
The time between when a bond is issued and when it matures.
Received four times a year.
a string of letters used to identify a stock.
Investing in multiple bonds.
A stock market doing badly.
a person or company that supplies or distributes something.
Rates how good a bond is.
Produce/sell goods.
A bond that is guaranteed to pay periodically.
A company issues these.
an investment program funded by shareholders that trades in diversified holdings is a _________ fund.
When an investor gives money to the government to receive back at a later date with interests.