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Chapters 4 & 5 Hanna Geography II

__________ herding was common in the rugged mountains and dry areas where regular farming is difficult. Because the herds of animals eat the available vegetation in an area, the herders must move from place to place. A type of animal husbandry.
Along with fish, something that the fishing industry takes from the sesa
__________ manufacturing creates products that will last more than a year (cars, furniture, etc.) Most of these products come from lumber, stone, clay, glass, and metals.
A form of fishing in which fish or seafood is cultivated or farmed in a controlled artificial environment--essentially, cultivation of fish on a fish farm.
____________ industries are those that take raw materials and turn them into something useful.
The period of time between 1750 and 1850 when inventions made it possible to produce more things more efficiently. (Two words, no spaces)
A second industrial revolution occurred throughout the late 19th century (late 1800s), when _____________ (or the application of science to industry) made it possible to more efficiently produce more items. During this time period, gasoline engines, telegraphs, and telephones were invented.
The first Industrial Revolution started in the British ________ industry.
_________________ farming is farming that takes place on large tracts of land, uses labor and technology to produce very large amount of crops for profit.
One of the two secondary industries.
__________ manufacturing is the production of something that will last less than a year (food, paper, chemicals, etc.)
When large landowners keep animals in enclosed tracts of land, rounding them up to milk, brand, or bring to market. Common in the U.S. west and southwest, Australia, and Argentina. A type of animal husbandry.
One of the two secondary industries.
Along with agriculture and mining, a primary industry
Technology allowed ______________ to be harnessed.
_________________ farming is farming that covers the needs of one's households
Along with farming, another branch of the primary industry of agriculture. (Two words, no spaces.)
Crops that can be sold for a profit. Examples: cotton, tobacco. (Two words, no spaces.)