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Chapters 4 & 5 Hanna Geography I

Solid crystals that occur naturally and have a definite chemical composition.
Moving air, that can be used to create energy
Fossil fuels are ________________; that is, we will eventually use them up. (A word with a dash--don't put in the dash.)
More of this common metal is mined each year than all other metals combined.
This is the most important source of renewable energy, used from ancient times; water can be dammed to create force to turn steam turbines.
A non-metal mineral which has been used since early history to maek bricks, plats, bowls, etc.
A fossil fuel that is in liquid form.
Cement + crushed rock. The most common building material in the world.
A fossil fuel that is in gaseous form (two words, no spaces)
The most important type of minerals.
Substances of combined metals; keep the characteristics of component metals, but are usually stronger than original metals.
A non-metal mineral that is used to make glass.
Type of energy created from splitting an atom in a reactor
Energy gathered from plants. Many electric plants are fueled by burning paper or wood.
This common metal must be extracted from an ore called bauxite.
A non-metal mineral used to preserve food and to season food.
Fuel that is produced from heat within the earth.
_________ are the most basic industries.
A non-metal mineral; formed mainly from calcite (calcium, carbon, and oxygen). When it is crushed and mixed with clay, it makes cement.
An alloy made from the combination of copper and tin
The most common product of petroleum.
A fossil fuel that is in solid form.
Along with agriculture and fishing, this is another basic industry, that involves taking minerals out of earth.
The most important alloy, made of iron plus carbon (plus other metals)