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Science Crossword

Teacher: Bella Szynaka
A big cloud of dust and gas in space
Something in space that has so much gravity that nothing can escape
An instrument that separates light and color to match the spectrum
The brightness of a star from a typical distance from Earth
First stage of a stars life- made of gas and dust
Bright distant galaxy with a black hole at the center
What keeps the Solar System together
A star system with two stars
Outer layer of the sun
Graph for temperature and brightness of a star
How much matter is in an object
The bluish- whitish core of a star that is left behind
The different appearance from different places
The distance of light that travels in one year
Remain of a high-mass star
The process of building a larger object from smaller pieces
The routine of two nuclei to form a large nucleus forming a heavier element
When a supergiant runs out of fuel and explodes
The force of gravity acting on an object
A spinning neutron star that makes radio waves
Eruption of gas from sun's surface
The tendency to keep a change in motion
Things that form constellations