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science crossword

Please note that words with spaces use underscores.
When gasoline mixed with high energy it has:
Anything that can be measured in KG's has a:
A wire has the ability of:
When someones hair gets cut it has undergone a:
Every matter has a:
When steam is created from water it means that steam has hit the:
Matter that contains only one type of particle is a:
Anything that has a mass and volume is an example of:
The simplest form of anything is called a:
When the chemical state of a soda changes it's a:
Measuring the amount of space an object occupies is measuring the:
Rust is an example of:
When butter melts it has reached the:
If something consists of 2 or more elements, its called a:
Measuring mass per volume gets you the:
Dirt and water mixed together is an example of a: