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6th Grade Science: Section 1.7-1.8

Cone-bearing trees
The fruit that is produced by the palm tree
This type of tree is considered to be the tallest of all trees
A large-spore forming structure of a mushroom
A drug made from mold
Conifers produce two types of cones: pollen cone and this
The largest variety of pine trees that grows up to 250 feet
Fungi that feeds on dead matter
A unique tree that grows in or near water and has "knees" that come up out of the water
Long strings of cells laid end to end
Deciduous conifers
A member of the Pine family that is known for its frosty blue needles
The leaves of the palm tree
Trees that keep their leaves year-round
The roots of a fern
The top portion of a tree
This tree is considered to be the largest of all trees
The tree family that has needles that are bundled together
Member of the Pine family that is sometimes called a false hemlock and closely resembles a spruce tree
The hairs that dinoflagellates use to swim around
An organism that gets its nourishment by attaching itself to another organism
A giant network of tiny plants
Instead of seeds, the fern reproduces by these
A plant that is formed from the combination of a fungi and algae
The largest algae that can grow up to 200 feet long