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Grade 7 - Unit 15 - Review

Teacher: Mindy Ward
(n.) a public outcry; any loud and continued noise; (v.) to call for by loud, continued outcries
(v.) to be in full agreement; to be the same in nature, character, or function; to happen at the same time
(n.) merry fun, gaiety; laughter
(adj.) official, coming from a source that calls for obedience or belief; dictatorial
(adj., part.) slightly ill; disinclined to do something
(v.) to give one's business to regularly as a customer. to support, provide financial help; to treat someone as an inferior while making a show of being kind or gracious
(adj.) able to bear up under difficult conditions or harsh treatment; brave and tough
(v.) to perform the duties of an office; to conduct a religious ceremony; to referee
(adj.) not complete; favoring one side over another; showing a strong liking for someone or something
(adj.) in a state of financial ruin; (v.) to ruin financially; (n.) one who has been ruined financially
(adj.) able to get along together well; combining different elements that blend pleasingly; melodious
(adj.) lawful, rightful; reasonable, justifiable
(n.) a bitter,long-term quarrel; (v.) to fight or quarrel with
(adj.) shrewd; wise in a keen, practical way
(v.) to argue in a petty way, especially about a price
(n.) the inheritance
(n.) a ruler who oppresses his or her subjects, a tyrant
(n.) a ceremony; the customary form of a ceremony; any formal custom or practice
(v.) to store up, save; (n.) a hidden store or supply
(adj.) inclined to believe the worst of people; bitterly mocking or sneering